July 31, 2018

67% of the world’s population is currently comfortable using biometric technologies

by tpcoto in Xesol Biometrics

The reliability barrier in biometric authentication has been overcome with 67% of current users worldwide comfortable using biometric authentication solutions and 87% believing that they will be ready for this as time goes by.

This is mentioned in the report by IBM, which surveyed more than 4,000 users worldwide in order to identify the main security trends for application access.

People over 35 years old still prefer to use traditional methods to access their applications, but they are increasingly more confident in the use of alternative methods such as biometrics. In turn, the so-called Millennial generation is much more comfortable in biometric recognition such as fingerprint scan, retina scan and facial or voice recognition.
Considering that the Millennial generation has more and more impact in the labor market, their preferences will have to be heard by companies, which must start to manage security and access to devices and applications according to the market.

The study also shows that the most important thing for users is not the comfort as it was believed. “Although it is true that for a long time users preferred comfort and agility to access their applications, they are now beginning to prioritize security, especially when related to financial issues (bank accounts, investments, payments, etc.)”, highlights the IBM report.

With 55% of respondents stating that privacy is a major concern due to other unauthorized uses of their personal biometric data, it can be concluded that it is still a major obstacle for the adoption of biometric technologies. Security is also a major obstacle with 50% including this factor as a major concern.