August 28, 2018

Biometrics in Your Workplace

by tpcoto in Xesol Biometrics

As commented in an earlier post, biometrics is a way to control employee access to their workplace. Are you one of those that always forgets their work keycard? Soon this won’t be necessary and your fingerprint or even your face will be enough.

Spiceworks, a professional network for people in the IT industry, asserts that 90% of businesses will use biometric authentication by 2020. In comparison with the current 62%, this translates into an increase in the number of companies that use this highly effective method. Fingerprint scanning is currently the most common form of biometric authentication with 57% of organizations using it. A significantly lower 14% use facial recognition.

Moreover, it can be used to log into company computers and phones to access information. In 2015, Microsoft included “Windows Hello” in its operating system which uses facial scans and fingerprints to log into computers. The advantage of facial scanning is that many webcams already installed in personal computers is enough and doesn’t require any new additional hardware.  This means that many companies could implement facial scanning technology without making many changes to their technology infrastructure.

A group of companies, in which Microsoft and Google are included, are working on the development of an authentication standard which will allow for computer access without the need of memorizing passwords. With the protocol FID02, the companies can establish alliances that will allow them to take a giant step forward to let us forget passwords forever.

Many companies are already using employee behavior to detect possible threats regarding biometric identification at work and it is a fact that biometric identification at your workplace has come to stay.