Biometrics at airports

Biometrics is already a reality and it is becoming more and more accepted by users.

One of the settings in which new developments are being implemented using this technology is airports.

Biometrics in Schools: Beyond Just Saving Time

A concern within the majority of classroom settings has always been making the best use of time available. However, the efficient usage of time isn’t always possible with young children, teenagers or even in university settings.

Biometrics in Hospitals

Long waiting times in hospitals plague healthcare systems worldwide in terms of efficiency and steal patients’ valuable time which can result in frustration for both medical staff and patients.

Biometrics in Your Workplace

As commented in an earlier post, biometrics is a way to control employee access to their workplace. Are you one of those that always forgets their work keycard? Soon this won’t be necessary and your fingerprint or even your face will be enough.

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