July 16, 2018

Cutting-edge technology at the service of social causes

by tpcoto in Xesol Biometrics

MIT Technology Review recently published an article about how refugees are recovering their lost identity after running away from their homeland. 

In the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordania, the “Building Blocks” pilot project has integrated biometric technology in the community to improve the experience in supermarkets and to avoid frauds. 

Other purpose of this technology is to provide each refugee with an identity based on their biometric features. Currently, they do not need money to buy in the supermarket, since with iris identification their identity is verified, so after the data is matched with the UN database, they can take their goods. 

After leaving their home without documentation or money, “Building Blocks” directly helps them to be registered and recognized again as citizens of the world. 

Therefore, the feasibility of using technological developments for social causes is confirmed. This not only contributes to new exchanges and improves the conditions of the community, but also promotes a greater awareness-raising in a global economy.