May 22, 2018

Driver Monitoring Systems in the Euro NCAP Roadmap

by tpcoto in Xesol Biometrics

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) were included in the Euro NCAP roadmap up to 2025, “In pursuit of Vision Zero“, published in September 2017. This document can be downloaded by clicking here.

Within the section about primary safety, also known as active safety (safety understood as a measure to avoid accidents), driver monitoring systems were included as new tests to be carried out after 2020.

Driver monitoring systems detect fatigue, distractions, and drowsiness in the driver, giving an alert in critical situations.

They say that more than ninety percent of traffic accidents are caused by human errors. Many times because of the driver’s condition (fatigue, drowsiness, distractions, etc.).
Euro NCAP plans to incentivize driver monitoring systems that effectively detect distractions and generate an adequate warning or perform a necessary action (for example, start a safe dodging maneuver).

The implementation of the tests will be in phases, starting with the systems that are already in the market. The assessment will be focused on the reliability and precision of the detection of the driver’s condition, and on the actions the vehicle performs based on the information.

Other aspects, such as the monitoring of the driver’s position, can be added in future iterations of the protocol.

Euro NCAP, for its acronym European New Car Assessment Program, is the vehicle safety program supported by several European governments, large number of manufacturers, and several organizations around the world related to the automotive sector.