A SaaS (Software as a Service) biometric facial recognition technology that identifies the driver’s unique facial features by using powerful algorithms based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision.


  • Identity verification.
  • Remote control of processes.
  • Driver authorization management.
  • Access control to fleet vehicles.
  • Online check-in.


  • Fleet management for car sharing and car renting.
  • Transport fleet management.
  • Automatic vehicle start with the Keyless system.

Competitive advantages

  • Allows the user to personalize settings.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Easy integration as a SaaS.


Automatic vehicle starting system that manages the ignition of the vehicle when a user is successfully identified by the biometric facial recognition technology of Xesol ID.

If the user unfastens his or her seat belt, the system will send an alert message and the vehicle will turn off in 30 seconds. The system will restart the recognition process once the seat belt is refastened.