April 18, 2018

Finalist in the IV Edition of the Spanish Award “Premio Emprendedores y Seguridad Vial (Entrepreneurs and Road Safety Award) of the Línea Directa Foundation

by tpcoto in Xesol Biometrics

In the fourth edition of “Premio Emprendedores y Seguridad Vial” (Entrepreneurs and Road Safety Award), the Línea Directa Foundation has selected five startups that developed different solutions to reduce fatalities on the road.

According to the data recently provided by the “Balance Anual de Siniestralidad Vial” (Road Accidents Annual Report) by the General Director of Traffic, Gregorio Serrano, an upturn in fatalities was confirmed for the year 2017, meaning an increase of 3% in fatal accidents.

The initiative presented by Xesol Innovation is a new product called Driver Monitoring System, a driver monitoring system based on computer vision capable of detecting driver fatigue, drowsiness and distraction by using an infrared camera that monitors the driver. Xentinel warns the driver by sound when one of the previously mentioned situations is detected, helping to avoid accidents with a high recurrence rate.

BikerSafeClosca Designe-Rescue y SimTraining have also been selected as finalist in this edition, each of them presenting innovative ideas to increase road safety,

A jury composed of professionals from different fields will judge the elevator pitch of each finalist’s initiative and will announce the winning startup soon. The winner will be awarded with 20,000€ as a capital grant under a co-investment, training and mentoring policy. Additionally, in the next stage, the business project will have a customized evaluation with access to investment rounds.

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